December 2016

after a trip to Marocco 2 times to make another film in our ”legs”-series we realise, that people there are not easy to work with. Its a totally different culture than other places we have been – a culture which makes it very difficult to do a project. For example it is very hard to make an agreement or an appointment with people there, because they generally dont keep them, or they dont see an agreement/appointment the way we do.

Thats why there will be no legs-film from this place. Instead we try to make a potpourri on the takes we have made.

Next year we have several projects on our programme. A film about sharing, another about life in a special place on earth, a film about a dogs perspective and a film about emotions in life. That we cannot achieve in one year, but we can make a beginning.

October 2014

In the beginning of July this year we went to Marrakech, Marocco, for research. Our third Legs-film will take place in 'le petit desert' just outside Marrakech. During our journey we got into contact with a small berber society who wellcomes us back to shoot the film in the summer of 2015.

The colour of the small village and the surroundings indeed is brown. Some green olive trees but definitely dominated by the brown and the grey colours. This we consider as an exiting challenge. We look very much forward to shoot our film among the friendly inhabitants in the village. Focusing on the children.

During our coming stay in Marrakech we will be engaged in two other smaller film projects.

Our second Legs-film 'Legs of Eki-Naryn' is being edited for now. Our ambition is to get it finished till November this year attempting to participate in next years Berlin Filmfestival which takes place in February. Besides this festival we will focuse on other suitable film festivals.

Soon you will be able to watch a trailer of 'Legs of Eki-Naryn' on the webside.

Havn't you still seen 'Legs of Phom Penh' you can watch it now in its full length on the website.

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